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Double-Ended Cone Wrenches DCW-1,2,3,4

Designed for the home mechanic and occasional user, these cone wrenches are made of thin steel, nickel plated and heat treated for long use. Available in four popular sizes from 13mm to 18mm. Their small size makes them ideal to carry along for quick repairs.

manufacturer: Park Tools USA
weight: 2.1 oz each

DCW-1: 13mm & 14mm
price: $4.46
DCW-2: 15mm & 16mm
price: $4.46
DCW-3: 17mm & 18mm
price: $4.46
DCW-4: 13mm & 15mm
price: $4.46

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Double-Ended Cone Wrenches DCW-1,2,3,4